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Portraits for private or business use. Pictures which bring out your character and capture the uniqueness of your personality. From formal poses to more light-hearted and creative photography, I will work with you to create the images which you need. 


Research undertaken by Amárach Research on behalf of Fujifilm Ireland and published in April 2015, found that fewer than half of respondents printed digital images, and 44% of respondents said they had lost images because they had not backed up their digital files and did not have hard copies. In the same year, Google vice-president Vint Cerf advised people to print photos and important documents because programmes to view them will become outdated and defunct in the future. Don't allow your photographs to join the statistics! I work with you to create portraits of you and your loved ones, presented in digital and - more enduringly - hard copy format. Yours to keep. Forever.


LinkedIn estimate that profiles with a photograph are seven times more likely to be viewed - by recruitment agencies, for example - than those without a picture. In addition, the LinkedIn user agreement specifies that profile pictures must be a true representation of the profile owner, and should be a head shot photo. The image is your all important first impression. Make it count with a professional photograph.


The impact of business documents can never be underestimated. They are an extension of the organisation and are designed to represent the character, the ethics, the heartbeat of the company. Choose the best for your organisation and book a professional photographer to work with you in preparing the image content for your reports. From head shots to boardroom meetings to staff events, I will work to deliver your requirements with minimum disruption to your day-to-day operations. 

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email: emmalord@emmalordphotography.com

tel: 07555 321338

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